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Six Days Seven Nights

Six Days Seven Nights (1983)

Six Days Seven Nights DVD cover

As most movie buffs must be aware of by now, imdb.com is a great place to find virtually any movie ever made, complete with description, cast, awards, reviews, etc.  But, while the consensus of most moviegoer reviews at this site is generally reflective of the quality of the movie, they missed the mark on this one, giving Six Days Seven Nights a mediocre 5.6 out of ten.


Now, granted, midrange budget romantic comedies as a genre do not generally fare as well in the ratings as do big-budget blockbusters.  However, within its genre, Six Days Seven Nights stands out from the crowd.  Not only does this fun flick feature a well-cast lineup of players, it is set in exotic, off-the-beaten-path surroundings.


Harrison Ford (“Quinn”) and Ann Heche (“Robin”) are perfect together in this tropical deserted-island adventure.  However, as survivors of a crash landing during a sudden tropical storm, they


 have no choice but to endure each other's immediate and mutual disdain for each other.


Hired as a pilot to fly Robin to Tahiti to cover a story, Quinn has no choice but to put down the small plane in a forced landing, which takes out their landing gear.  Meanwhile, her finance (David Schwimmer) is patiently awaiting her return back on the main island where they were to enjoy a romantic getaway together.  But not to worry about him…too much.  Faced with the growing reality that his feisty bride-to-be is way overdue and most likely dead, he finds some comfort through immersing himself in fine tropical drinks and the alluring and promiscuous “Angelica” (Jacqueline Obradors), who is also Quinn’s casual bedmate.


I highly recommend this delightfully fun film to anyone who does not have a heart made of granite.  The cast is great, the lines are funny, and this movie is the next best thing to being there…a pretty cheap 98-minute escape into paradise!  While it carries a PG-13 rating, there is nothing in here that the kids haven’t seen on TV…absolutely tastefully done, and completely devoid of any crude gross-out “humor.”