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Outside New York was originally conceived of (and registered) back in 1999.  The thinking at the time was that this was to become a grass-roots online magazine, serving the inhabitants of the “flyover” states, primarily.


The initial content was comprised mainly of political views and social ideas.  The problem was, the original material was almost all political, and, frankly, just not that much fun.


While we can never completely separate ourselves from the politics of the day, along with our own personal social biases, a steady diet of this sort of stuff is not something that the mainstream audience cares to dine on. 

So, enter the newly revised Outside New York magazine.  While political-social opinions will still play a part, they will be relegated primarily to the “Opinion” pages (where they belong).  Other than that, our objective is to entertain, inform, and just plain produce an online publication that is fun to read!


Hopefully, amid our various navigation tabs, you will find that there is something for everyone within our content.  And be sure you use the “Letters” section to keep us on track! 

So, in conclusion, outsidenewyork.com (“ONY”) is still well-rooted in life between the coasts…the flyover states.  But this is not to say we would ever snub our big-city cousins!  Without the influence of a Los Angeles or a New York City, our “ordinary” lives might be a little boring. 

Personally speaking, I have been from the farm, to the big city.  Every element of my life has been an interesting experience.


Phil Menges 


 Ron Coleman, cartoonist - gag cartoons, animation, advertisingRon Colemancartoonist-contributor to Outside New York

Ron Coleman sold his first magazine cartoon while in the eighth grade. He has published in hundreds of publications from small magazines to magazines as large as the Saturday Evening Post. His cartoons have served as illustrations in books like Chicken Soup for the Soul, and appear on products such as t-shirts, mugs, greeting cards.


Ron not only has an extensive background in gag cartoons, he has also entered the field of animation, since the advent of the computer age.  He is open to creating custom humorous animations and animated advertising as well.


You can contact Ron Coleman directly, at ronaldb.coleman@gmail.com, or through his website, http://www.colemantoons.com.


He is willing to look at most any project, and his pricing is more than reasonable!