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Abraham Crow:  a true story

by Kate T.


She was hungry and feared her thirst was stronger now.

She could not just take off and hunt for food.

Something was holding her back.

Something she could not understand but something she did not fight against.

He had been gone awhile now.

Her dark eyes scanned the horizon for the sight of black wings against the blue sky.

No, not yet.


Looking back to last spring, we know now that he found us.  We had only a small part in building the accord that developed.  We may have inadvertently set the stage for what was to follow, but we were wholly unaware of what was literally heading our way.

I had for years spread out peanuts on the lawn for the neighborhood squirrels and had also set up a bird bath for the sparrows and hung thistle feeders for the little American Goldfinch who came in summer to our yard in Littleton, Colorado. 

Seen from altitude this feast never went unnoticed by him. However, he knew that this welcome mat of food was not meant for him.  There had been times in deepest winter when he had attempted to gather a share but was always rebuffed with our shouts and threatening gestures. 

One day when there had been snow on the grass, he had even gotten in line with a few squirrels and walked up a shoveled path to get a chance at the nuts that were being thrown.  I had noticed him that day and had allowed him to take a bit.   At that time he had been just a fleeting, black-winged scoundrel who soon shrank from my thoughts.

Then came spring and he would not be ignored! 

Actually, he stalked us

My husband and I were walking about the yard and corner of our property one day when we noticed a crow fly over the yard.  When we neared our mailbox at the sidewalk, the crow landed on the post it hung from, and peered at us.  He had gone around the opposite way and met us there.

This was the first time that he, the crow, and the human pair that was my husband and I, acknowledged the other’s existence.  (more...)

Abraham Crow looking for handout in front yard

Where's the BEEF!?

fledgling crow begging for food from adult

I am still a fledgling--FEED ME!

Parent crow gives in and feeds fledgling that should be able to gather food on its own.  He's as big as an adult!

Okay, OKAY...but this is the LAST time!