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STORYTELLERS...Abraham Crow, continued

From that day forward he must have spied on us on a pretty regular basis.  I stopped shooing him away and he grew bolder.

Once, he startled me by landing on the iron handrail that leads down two tiers of steps to our driveway. 

I was right there.  He was unfazed by my nearness.  I was awed by his closeness. 

He soon became a regular in the yard when peanuts were about. However, the crow could not or would not always wait for the scattering of the nuts.  He began to ask for them.  I should say, he demanded them.

April became intense.  This crow would light on a branch in the honey locust tree that overlooks our front porch, or to the telephone wire that also looked upon the porch…where he would caw and caw.  One or both of us would go outside to toss him peanuts.  He would scoop them up and head over to the bird bath.  There, he dipped them in to soften them, cracked them open, stuffed the contents into his special throat pouch, took a large beak-full of water and flew off westerly. 

In a very short time he would return, always taking the proffered food, engaging in the water routine and flying

off in a big hurry.  He grew frantic in his efforts and we wondered why he acted so hurried.

We read all we could on the internet about crow behavior, and soon determined that he was taking the food back to a mate who was guarding a nest full with eggs or hatchlings.  We learned that the female could not leave the nest to feed herself as she had to care for the eggs and the new little crows when they emerged.  Our crow was bringing her the food she needed and soaking the food in the bird bath so that his mate could quench her thirst with the moist foodstuffs. 

Admiration grew for this loyal, hard-working crow.  At that point, we gave him a name:  “Abraham.”

Soon, we offered him an ample variety of good things to eat.  I even began cutting up little, thin beefsteaks in tiny strips, to resemble worms, and would toss them to him. 

He loved them.  He would gather up so many that we would laugh and refer to him as “meatmouth” as he flew off with long pieces of beef hanging out all sides of his long, slightly curved beak.

Abraham kept a responsible distance from us.  He was wary and had  (more...)

Abraham Crow hoards peanuts and caches his food for future

I'm stocking up these morsals for a rainy day...

Crows like ham...but prefer raw beef.

This Easter ham is pretty darn good, but no potato salad?

Abraham Crow loves to dunk his food (peanuts) in the birdbath!

Nuttin' like dunkin' peanuts!