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My Strange Condition - by Teresa Hodge

To this day I still find it difficult to describe the strange feeling that came into my head.   Words fail me.

 Yet, I will attempt it once again.   A buzzing.   A painless wave of electricity.  Vibrations.  An internal shaking, a shock, a sensation that crawled across the back of my head, deep inside...  (go to article...)

My Personal Fat Free Diet or a Diet that Really Works! 

by Kate T.

A few days after a routine doctor visit in 2005, I received a phone call from the clinic alerting me that my cholesterol was a little higher than my doctor wanted it to be.  Never having had any negative news from the doctor before this, I was a little concerned. What to do?  I just had to lower my cholesterol.  I was justly concerned.

Obviously, to accomplish this I had to remove as much of the offending substance from my diet as I possibly could.  I knew I had to stop eating FAT! (go to article..)

Wild Crow Trains Gullible Humans!

Looking back to last spring, we know now that he found us... (go to story...)

What's Wrong with the GOP?

Before we delve deeper into this question, it has already been answered. Patrick Buchanan already gave us the answer, back during the presidential primary campaign of 1996...(go to  article...) 


The buzzing in my head was making me believe 
			I was the Bride of Frankenstein!

Low-fat veggie pasta dishes can taste good

Wild crow approaches people for food

Official GOP elephant logo