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My Personal Fat Free Diet or a Diet that Really Works!  by Kate T.


A few days after a routine doctor visit in 2005, I received a phone call from the clinic alerting me that my cholesterol was a little higher than my doctor wanted it to be.  Never having had any negative news from the doctor before this, I was a little concerned. What to do?  I just had to lower my cholesterol.  I was justly concerned.


Obviously, to accomplish this I had to remove as much of the offending substance from my diet as I possibly could.  I knew I had to stop eating FAT!   Fat makes food taste so yummy.   That is the reason most people eat too much of it.  Yet, I embarked on a diet of low or fat free foods.  Admittedly, this sounds extreme and not very satisfying or tasty, to say the very least about it.


I went to the mattresses.  I was committed.  I stormed the grocery isles dumping all kinds of foods in my cart.  Surprisingly, there was a lot to pick from.  I chose instant oatmeal for breakfast and fresh berries and bananas to go in it.  In the frozen section I discovered veggie breakfast sausages.  (These actually are quite tasty.)  I bought Egg Beaters instead of eggs. 


Loving bread as I do, I got whole grain bread.  Fat free milk became a staple item.


Lunches of tuna fish and lots of soup and some crackers went into the cart too.  Fresh salad vegetables and fat free Italian dressings teamed up with salad pocket bread.  Yummy.  Back to the frozen food area I reloaded with veggie burgers and veggie dogs.  I needed these for the family cook-outs!  (Not for others.  Just for me.)  With ketchup and onions, these are a good substitute for their fat-full cousins. Fresh and frozen fish went into the cart and into the diet.  Happily, I do love fish.


Simple foods became my norm.  I avoided mayonnaise and deferred to mustard.  Fat free ham and turkey lunch meat replaced bologna and roast beef.  I exchanged butter for Smart Balance.   Rice cakes of different flavors replaced cookies and candy.  I never looked at donut although I thought about them a lot.  Spaghetti with meatless sauce is still spaghetti and my husband actually discovered he could enjoy it that way.


On a rare day, I went a little bit mad and indulged in a Big Mac and fries.  Yet, somehow, it didn’t seem to matter much as I kept it to that rare occasion.


When I returned to the doctor about six months later and got my lab results back I was astonished that I had lowered my cholesterol over 60 points-- without any meds I might add.  However, there was a bonus that came my way.  While I was hunting and choosing low or fat free foods, my body, hungry for the fat, was using what I had stored up on my body for years.  I lost almost 20 pounds and went from a size 10 to a size 6 for the first time in decades!


Admittedly, I cannot eat this way faithfully and forever.  Nor would I want to miss out on the many delicious foodstuffs that come my way.  Yet, when I feel the need to lose a few pounds or keep that pesky cholesterol in check, I know that I can manage the fat on my body by simple not giving my body any new fat to digest and forcing it to take what is already stored on me and readily available for use.


If you have a need or just a personal desire to lose some weight or to maintain a healthy cholesterol level, try my diet.  Browse the grocery store isles and fill your cart with low or fat free foods.  You will be surprised at the variety and good-tasting foods you can substitute for fat.

Good Luck
with whatever diet that you may choose!


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