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My Strange Condition - by Teresa Hodge

...To this day I still find it difficult to describe the strange feeling that came into my head.   Words fail me.

Yet, I will attempt it once again.   A buzzing.   A painless wave of electricity.  Vibrations.  An internal shaking, a shock, a sensation that crawled across the back of my head, deep inside.   That is the best I can do...(go to article...)

My Personal Fat Free Diet or a Diet that Really Works!

A few days after a routine doctor visit in 2005, I received a phone call from the clinic alerting me that my cholesterol was a little higher than my doctor wanted it to be.  Never having had any negative news from the doctor before this, I was a little concerned. What to do?  I just had to lower my cholesterol.  I was justly concerned.

Obviously, to accomplish this I had to remove as much of the offending substance from my diet as I possibly could.  I knew I had to stop eating FAT! (go to article..)

Recipes and tips from the Fly-by Chef

Welcome to “flyover country!  Nothing fancy here…the “gourmet” is on a budget.  We like our food plain and good—and easy to fix!

One of my personal favorites is fish chowder—which is a little hard to find, this side of Boston.  Actually, a good rich clam chowder suits my fancy a little better, but the wife snubs all shellfish, so here’s the next best thing:  (see recipe...)


Good old-fashioned oatmeal

Morningstar Farms Garden Burgers taste great!

Lower calorie homemade New England style fish chowder

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