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What's Wrong with the GOP?   by Phil Menges (continued)

Of course, Michele Bachman was in good company while sparring with her primary opponents.  For the most part, they all took the bait in one form or another.  And, as it turned out, perhaps the most spiritually clandestine of them all went on to win the GOP primary race.  But he didn’t win the election.
The lesson to be learned from this is simple:  True conservative principles are lost…if you can’t get elected!
In order for the Republican Party to thrive (or even survive) again, Republicans must sort out the pecking order of real national issues and global concerns, and leave their individual religious beliefs at home (or in the church). 
This is not to say that morality should be tossed out the window.  This nation, after all, was based upon a handed-down Judeo-Christian ethic…which should stand.  But an individual can be of strong moral standards, while not necessarily being of the same theology—even if they hold no spiritual faiths at all.  And this is exactly what we expect our leaders to be:  serving as examples of high moral character, while never intruding into our own personal lives.

But, allowing personal faith-based doctrine to enter national politics not only divides the nation, but it is not getting the job done.  What the Republican Party needs again is a uniter


not a divider.  We would do well to go back and study Reagan…a man who earned the respect of most Republicans and Democrats alike.  Heck, even the mainstream media kinda liked the guy!
As mentioned earlier, I am a conservative.  I am a conservative first but, in recent years, it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to say—out loud—that I also vote Republican.  I did not leave the party…the party is leaving me.
We desperately need to get back to our roots!  Back to the days of Lincoln, Eisenhower and Reagan.  I know this, and legions of other conservatives know this.  And, although I have been saying this for years now, others are beginning to talk about it as well.   Even liberals are talking about it, for heaven’s sake!
And the current crop of Republican politicians must be finally getting the memo (too bad they have to learn it second hand). 
The question is, what are they going to do about the problem?