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What's Wrong with the GOP? - by Phil Menges.

Before we delve deeper into this question, it has already been answered. Patrick Buchanan already gave us the answer, back during the presidential primary campaign of 1996.

According to some, “he ran on a platform of immigration reduction and social conservatism, including opposition to multiculturalism, abortion, and gay rights”.  While Buchanan was a serious threat early in the primaries, winning 38 percent of the seminal New Hampshire primary, his campaign quickly fizzled—somewhere between New Hampshire and Florida. 

But where it all went flat, and his fragile house of cards came tumbling down, in my opinion, was when he came out swinging on abortion.  Even as a long-time conservative, I shuddered with surprise when instead of campaigning on the central issues of the day, this extremely sensitive and personal issue became the focal point of his campaign stops.  In my opinion, abortion, which is uniquely a female issue, has no place in national politics.  I in no way endorse this highly personal decision, but I am also in no position to condemn the action in all situations.  This a concern that is highly subjective to individual circumstances and his better left to the woman, her doctor or her God. (read more...)


Another Side of Gun Control - ony

As the tragedy of Sandy Hook, Newtown Connecticut is fading from the front pages, the issue of gun control marches forward. And, in respect to what might have been, what could have been prevented, in the wake of all this, the answer is nebulous...

...But the answer is not to further penalize legal gun owners. This is akin to punishing the entire class for the transgressions of one errant student...
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The Military Draft 

 Senator Charlie Wrangle is introducing a bill to reinstate the draft and says that it should include women as well as men.  When I think about it I think it is really the duty of every American to participate in the defense of their country, and that if a draft is to be reinstated it should include all.  This means rich as well as poor, privileged as well as under-privileged.  If congressmen can send our kids to war let their kids also be subject to those wars.

In fact, I believe age should not be a factor against military service.  Even if a person is not physically fit to serve in combat why couldn't they serve in a support role?  We should not have exemptions for college or any other reason.  I think the only legitimate exemption should be for those who have already served, those who have already performed their duty to their country. 

Ron Coleman

Oakridge OR