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Abraham Crow:  a true story

by Kate T.


She was hungry and feared her thirst was stronger now.

She could not just take off and hunt for food.

Something was holding her back.

Something she could not understand but something she did not fight against.

He had been gone awhile now.

Her dark eyes scanned the horizon for the sight of black wings against the blue sky.

No, not yet.


Looking back to last spring, we know now that he found us.  We had only a small part in building the accord that developed.  We may have inadvertently set the stage for what was to follow, but we were wholly unaware of what was literally heading our way.

I had for years spread out peanuts on the lawn for the neighborhood squirrels and had also set up a bird bath for the sparrows and hung thistle feeders for the little American Goldfinch who came in summer to our yard in Littleton, Colorado. (more...)


Abraham Crow loves his peanuts and raw meat, asks for more.

Where's the BEEF?

Fledgling crow being fed--inside of beak is still red.

Num-num-numm... mommy, yer the BEST!